Our wedding party

Kristen's attendants
  • Laura Wissinger, Matron Of Honor
    Simply put, Laura is Kristen's best friend in the whole world. Laura is the kind of sister that drives an hour just to give you a hug when you really need it. She's also the kind of sister that makes reviewing menus for the reception tons of fun (lying in bed together, watching Sweet Home Alabama and drinking cocktails).
  • Katie Spillane, Bridesmaid
    Katie and Kristen met in 7th grade Algebra class and have been best friends ever since! Kristen was honored to stand at Katie’s side on her wedding day. She is thrilled that Katie will play a special role when she ties the knot too. This picture was taken at Katie's bachelorette party.
  • Kristen Benson, Bridesmaid
    Kristen B. (affectionately "KB") and Kristen K. met on the job in 2006. They became close friends when they both moved to Richmond, VA in 2010. It was KB's master plan all along to get Rob and Kristen together.
  • Rebecca Conrad, Bridesmaid
    Rebecca and Kristen became immediate friends when they worked together on a project in 2010. It was a hard job, but Rebecca made Kristen just a little bit cooler during her two years in Richmond.
  • Elizabeth Zenobi, Bridesmaid
    It took only a few glasses of wine and one "bonus gift" on Festivus for Kristen to realize she would have the world's best sister-in-law in Liz.
  • Ryan Toomey, Bridesmaid
    Cousins and fellow world travelers, Kristen couldn't imagine her special day without Ryan by her side. This picture was taken on a very cold day in Dublin.
  • Kara Wissinger, Flower Girl
    Kara is Kristen's niece and Goddaughter. They like to swim, dance, play hide-and-seek and eat ice cream together.
  • Jack Wissinger, Ring Bearer
    Kristen's nephew, Jack, is all boy. He loves to roughhouse and play "catch me." Kristen is fully expecting Jack-man to push the flower girls aside and race down the aisle on the big day.
Rob's attendants
  • Jonathan Lesko, Best Man
    Rob and Lesko met during their Freshman year at Syracuse. Rob loves Lesko most for his really nice pants and excellent late night dance moves. Rob had the pleasure of standing beside Lesko as the best man at his wedding.
  • John Murray, Best Man
    Rob and Murray met during their Freshman year at Syracuse. Rob loves Murray most for his unwavering support of Syracuse basketball and shared passion for cheese pizza. Rob also had the pleasure of standing beside Murray as the best man at his wedding.
  • Mark Ramel, Groomsman
    Rob and Ramel met during their Freshman year at Syracuse. Rob loves Ramel most for his effective use of linen and his ability to tell the same joke six times without ever realizing he has told you the same joke six times.
  • Charlie Pilato, Groomsman
    Rob and Charlie met during their Freshman year at Syracuse. Rob loves Charlie most for his exceptional negotiation skills and his ability to turn into a robot.
  • Sonia Zenobi, Flower Girl
    Sonia is Rob's oldest niece. Rob loves Sonia most for her awesome Little People collection and her willingness to catch lizards with him.
  • Cleo Zenobi, Flower Girl
    Cleo is Rob's youngest niece. Rob loves Cleo most for her curly brown hair and their shared enjoyment of his stuffed turtle.
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